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Parking Enforcement

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Parking Enforcement

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We specialize in apartment and townhome communities as well as large and small parking lots. No other agency has our level of skill, training, equipment and experience in this area. We will even provide the necessary signage for your property free of charge.
What can parking enforcement do for YOU?
• Immediate Impact
Unlike writing tickets or towing, the high visibility of an immobilized vehicle deters other potential parking violators. The immobilization of the vehicle is a firm but fair reminder from the property management that the parking rules will be enforced.
• Increased Profit
Reduced illegal parking due to the strong visual deterrent of the boot equals more revenue at the meters and an increase in monthly parking passes purchased.
• Convenient and cost effective
Immobilization is more reasonable and less invasive to the parking violator than towing. The vehicle is left intact and unmoved, which allows for on-site dispute resolution where the violation occurred. Boot removal fees are far less expensive than towing and impound fees. Upon payment of the boot removal fee, the vehicle is immediately available to its owner. Locating your vehicle at an impound lot and finding the means to retrieve it can be quite costly and time consuming.
Who do we serve?
• Retail services
Absolute Security works with you to develop an enforcement plan that best meets your needs. We understand that parking space is limited and the importance of it being available for your paying customers.
• Housing complexes & Home Owner Associations
ASPS assists you in enforcing parking regulations and also in collecting on past due association fees by immobilizing the vehicle of those with delinquent accounts.
• Office buildings
We will develop a plan with you to address parking violations including, but not limited to, permit parking, handicap parking, reserved parking, guest parking & no parking zones.
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