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Apartment Complexes


Having a good relationship with the tenants is something we have always prided ourselves on. Having this relationship with the residents is a critical aspect of performing our service to the highest standard.

There are many ways to build a professional relationship with the residents, and it all starts with the personnel we hire for your site. When a prospective candidate is brought in for an interview they are being looked at not just for their ability to be a great Security Guard, but also their people skills. This one feature is monitored the entire time they are attending the Training Academy.

Some of the key features we look for are:

• Are they comfortable talking to people.

• Can they create a conversation with someone they may not have something in common with?

• Do they approach and have general conversation with individuals of different race, ethnicity and age?

If they can perform the above items and more with no hesitation, we know they will be able to build the relationship that is critical in doing our job to the best of our ability.

We have seen at every one of our current complexes the transition of the residents having trust in the guards. We start to see them outside more, they will call us more and they will confide in us. When we make the residents feel safe and comfortable in their own homes, the overall satisfactions of living in the community rises significantly.


The second task we have is to identify the areas within the complex that are unique to that site. The objective of this task is to make the complex as secure, enjoyable and safe as possible.

We understand that each community is unique and has its own challenges and concerns, so our security solutions are designed to meet and overcome any area that may need special attention. Identifying these areas early on will help us in managing and correcting problems so your residents always feel safe, secure and welcome.

Some areas of concern may be:

• Unlit areas where illegal or suspicious activity may be occurring • High traffic areas

• Access points that allow easy flow of outside foot traffic

• Keep detailed records of any incidents, reports and problems to better track problem areas.

When we identify and manage these areas promptly we are effectively deterring possible crimes such as vandalism and home invasions.


The third task we have is to continually provide a safe and enjoyable place for your residents to live. The objective of this task is to give your residents a place they are happy and comfortable to live at.

We know first-hand that the transition or addition of security companies is a large and complex process; during this transition we will be building a relationship with the residents while addressing the needs and challenges that each site has. Once these have been accomplished the guards will have a great foundation to provide the best security services possible.

The foundation will be built and grown by:

• Being attentive to the residents needs

• Keeping patrols random

• Continually look for areas of improvement

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